about #orbgang

About #orbgang

A brief note about the status of OrbGang’s relationship with the Marianne Williamson Campaign.

OrbGang and OrbGang.Love are not affiliated or endorsed by the Marianne2020 campaign. We are formed in support of it. Our goal is to focus our efforts as a grass roots movement open to folks of all persuasions who share a common vision, belief, and hope with Marianne Williamson and is running her platform on- the unifying believe that the Power of Love can lift us out of the drudgery that we have known for far too long. 

The movement being stoked by Marianne’s run for the presidency has synthesized organically into what we know as OrbGang. This movement is not limited to one group in favor of or over any others, but bases its foundation on the belief that harnessing love for political purposes is how we will heal the soul and psyche of our world. 


Your voice matters, and registering to vote is simple. Make sure you are ready for the primaries, and don’t miss this opportunity to be involved in one of the biggest elections in American history. 


Let’s help get Marianne Williamson into the White House! We don’t have any more time to waste, changes need to be made, and she’s the best chance we have to create a better future for all. 


Not sure where to begin? Need help finding information on how to get involved with the campaign and help Marianne Williamson win the Presidency? Don’t worry we got you covered with some helpful resources.