A Fuzzy Unified Perception

Aug 2, 2019 | 0 comments

Fiction is it’s own academia, not bound by laws of man, it’s secrets are designed by the beholder. zombo.com classically has been summarized as a shrine to the tech bubble. A love letter to irony and the empty promises of the internet. It’s melodic monologue and newZ letter nods towards the commodification of gurudom and the the meaninglessness of an e-mail that is never opened. It is worth considering though that masters of symbols are just as often beholden to them, and as it is customary to examine symbols that hide in plain sight, let’s take a closer look at the transcript of zombo.com‘s looping sales pitch. The primary hieroglyph is the English word ‘welcome’. It has many meanings but consider its translation to ‘radical acceptance’ the ‘end of borders’ and the ‘unification of spirit’. Our first affirmation is that one can do anything at zombo.com. Multiple readings will yield a quandary here as one cannot in fact do much close to anything… except listen, and hunt for imaginary easter eggs. This breaking of the illusion can quickly remind of the unlimited creative potential of the imagination, especially on the astral plane of the internet. Irony is a playful thing, and while the infancy of zombo.com in 1999 may have had a sardonic tone, it has evolved, perhaps through the lens of vaporware, to being full-on unironic.

The vaporwave mindset is also a thing of significant imagination. The advertisements of the late 80s and 90s promised a future that was never delivered and never even fully set into conception. This indeterminate future has a life of its own. It exists as a collective in the dreaming, and the rich vividness of it’s unreality catapults the imagination to the echelon of the most primal tool. The internet has changed since the late 90s. Modern techniques and practices have opened up the floodgates and aestheticians will fill this landscape as quickly as it can expand. Welcome to messagefromtheastralplane.world this modern masterpiece is the fusion of zombo.com‘s unintentional symbolic dream, and vaporwave’s trans-generational rebellion against reality, and of course, many other things as well. Note how both sites operate on a loop, like 24/7 lofi hiphop beats, these websites are eternal in our unconscious. When they stop in one persons mind, they have already begun in someone else’s. They are welcoming. They have a message, but the secret lies with the beholder.

Written by Josiah Emery


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